The Ranch

Belvin Angus Angus is a family owned and operated ranch. Gavin and Mabel have been involved in the Angus breed for 40 years. Our son Colton has a degree in Economics and has been at the farm for 9 years now, living on the site homesteaded by his Great Grandfather, Matthew Hamilton in 1892. After obtaining her degree in Ag Economics and working as an Ag Lender at Scotiabank, Quinn has now also joined the operation full time. In April 2016, we welcomed Brendyn Elliot, now Quinn’s fiancé, to Belvin Angus.

Being actively involved in “Cattle Politics” is important to all of the Hamiltons.

Gavin has been a volunteer on the Beef Committee at the Calgary Stampede, board member of the Alberta Cattle Breeders and a director of the Alberta Angus Association.

Mabel has served as chairman of the Canadian Beef Breeds Council, Beef Information Center, the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency, the Canadian Angus Association and the Alberta Cattle Breeders Association. She is a member of an Industry Government Advisory Committee for Traceability.

Colton was the president of the Alberta Junior Angus Association and board member of the Canadian Junior Angus Association. He is also a past President of the Alberta Angus Association. Quinn is also a past president of the Alberta Junior Angus Association as well as a past president of the Canadian Junior Angus Association and is currently on the board of the Alberta Angus Association.

Showing cattle has always been an integral part of Belvin Angus and we are proud of the many prestigious champions we have produced over the years. Colton and Quinn participated in 4H as well as provincial and national Junior Angus Shows. Showing cattle has been rewarding however our emphasis continues to focus on developing functional cattle for our commercial clientele. We have repeat bull buyers that are very progressive and together we work at improving the end product.

We are pleased to have acquired some great partners. James Arnott from Scotland has begun his “Canadian” division at Belvin. His cow Belvin Lady Blossom 2’07 was the Futurity Champion at the prestigious World Angus Forum held at Spruce Meadows.

Colton has been fortunate to travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina for the past 12 years to work for the World renowned Tres Marias Ranch. This partnership has offered Colton the unique ability to import Tres Marias embryos from Argentina. The Argentine cattle are extremely efficient, easy doing cattle that provide many positive traits to the North American beef industry. These genetics have been very well received in North America. One of the most popular Tres Marias bred animals to date is Belvin Tres Marias Patrón 205. He was the $28,500 (2/3 interest) high seller at the inaugural Power and Perfection Sale at Agribition 2011, selling to Boss Cattle Co. and “I” Flipped over “U” Ranch, both of Nebraska. Patrón was successfully displayed at the 2012 NWSS where he was an extremely popular sire in the yards.

Building a reputation herd has been a goal of Belvin and to see their genetics positively influence other herds is gratifying. Belvin has sent embryos/live cattle to 15 countries and plan on continuing to expand their embryo program.

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Mabel with the past presidents of the Canadian Angus Association

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Quinn and her heifer at a CJAA show

Photo Gallery

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Belvin Angus hosting a BBQ for Certified Angus Beef

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Aerial shot of Belvin Angus

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Colton congratulating James Arnott on his win at the World Angus Forum.

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Colton and Tom Burke (American Angus Hall of Fame) with Belvin Tres Marias Patrón 205.