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Barbara of Ring Creek 65Y

  • Double AA Bardolene 422'03
  • Saskalta Bardolene 188T
  • Saskalta Duchess 129N
  • Sire: Ring Creek Bardolene 69W
  • Peak Dot Hobson 142P
  • Ring Creek Hobson 31S
  • Ring Creek 110M Lady 18P
  • Summitcrest Prime Cut 1G42
  • Basin Prime Cut 354K
  • Basin Heiress 353
  • Dam: Barbara of Ring Creek 31W
  • S A R Fame 2089
  • Barbara of Peak Dot 251M
  • Barbara of Peak Dot 920H

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Belvin Dispute 6125

Son of Barbara 65Y sold in 2017 sale to Standard Hill Livestock and Gerlinsky