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Belvin Lady Blossom 91'11 is an elite young female, combining the Lady Blossom cow family with the Kodiak sire line. Long, powerful, angular and feminine, she has proven herself as a top producing cow. Her first calf, Bevin Exit Strategy 43'13 was one of the top bulls in the 2014 Bull Sale to 6U Cattle Company.

Belvin Lady Blossom 91'11

  • Sandy Bar Advantage 43M
  • HF Kodiak 5R
  • Wilbar Ruby 955N
  • Sire: Geis Kodiak 12'07
  • Double AA Blackman 252'96
  • Geis Ruby Laura 84'01
  • Geis Ruby Laura 104'97
  • Greens Marshall
  • LLB Marshall 465R
  • LLB Kinochtry Beauty 349M
  • Dam: Belvin Lady Blossom 128'08
  • D B Ultra 55
  • Belvin Lady Blossom 23'98
  • Belvin Lady Blossom 23'84

Owned with:
Cordy Cox and Clint Ellis

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Belvin Lady Blossom 41’16

Daughter of Lady Blossom 91’11 sold to Pahl Livestock in the 2017 sale